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Subject:For Sale - Anime DVDs and Plushies [So Far!]
Time:08:50 pm
Over the last few weeks my Husband and I are having a clear out of the items we don't want or need. There will be more added as we work our way though our home, ready for the arrival of our new baby girl :D

Prices don't include postage, however I will change to the exact amount that Postage and Packing is, Will be sent via Royal Mail, whatever class you are happy to pay

Payment by PayPal if can, please be sent as a Gift, however we are happy to consider other payment options. Offers maybe considered depended on how much it is.

If you need more pictures of the items then don't be afraid to ask. All items been kept in a loving non-smoking home, but any damage has been listed.

Region 1 - Anime

Blue Sub No 6 – Toonami Version - £3
Boys Over Flowers – Volume 1-2 - £10
Chobits – Volume 1-7 & Box – £25 - Box slightly damaged on top, however all DVDs and DVD boxs are in great condition
Dragon-half – OVA - £4
Dragon Drive – Volume 1 - £4
Fushigi Yugi – Volume 1 - £3
Gravitation – Volume 1-4 with Box - £20
Inu Yasha – Season 1 - £20
Love Hina – Volume 1 - £2
Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya – Volume 1-2 – Limited Edition with CDs, Cosplay Items & Box - £35
Otaku No Video - £5
Popotan – Volume 1-3 Boxset - £20
PuniPuniPoemy – OVA - £6
R G Veda – OVA - £5
Ranma ½ - Season 2 - £15
S-Cry-Ed – Volume 1 - £2
Sabre Marionette J Again – OVA - £5
Saikano - Volume 1-4 - £15
Sailor Moon SuperS – Volume 1 - £6
Shamanic Princess – OVA - £2
Slayers – Season 1 - £25
Someday Dreamers – Volume 1- £2
Wild Arms – Volume 1 - £2

Region 2 - Anime

Adventure of the Mini Goddess – Volumes 1-4 [Volume 1 is R1] - £15
Astro Boy – Greatest Adventures - £2
Azumanga Daioh – Volumes 1-6 - £25
Blue Gender – Volume 1-2 - £5
Burn Up Excess – Volume 1 - £2.00
Burn Up W – OVA - £3.00
Dante’s Inferno – OVA - £3
Excel Saga – Volume 1-6 - £25
Magical Shopping Street Abenobashi – Volume 1-4 - £20
Mezzo – Volume 1-3 - £15
Otogi Zoshi - £10
Peacemaker – Volume 1-7 - £25
Rumbling Hearts – Boxset - £15
Saiyuki – Movie - £3
School Rumble – Volume 1-3 & Tin - £10
Serial Experiment Lain – Volume 1 - £2
Sorcerer Hunters – OVA -£3
Texhnolyze – Volume 1 - £2
Tsukihime– Volume 1 - £2
Wallflower– Volume 1 - £2
Witchblade – Volume 1&2 [Volume 2 is Region 4] - £5
Vampire Wars - £2
Yu Yu Hakusho - £2

Region 2 - Animation

American Dad – Season 1 -£5
Bionicle – Movie One - £1
Bionicle – Movie Two - £1
Bionicle – Movie Three - £1
Beano & Dandy – Birthday Bash – £5
Family Guy – Season 1 - £5
Family Guy – Season 2 - £5
Family Guy – Season 8 - £5
Fairy Odd Parents - The Big Problem - £2
Watchman – Animated Comic - £2
Xcalibur – Complete Series - £5


Dinsey - £5

Lilo and Stitch - Stitch Purse
Winnie the Pooh - Winnie the Pooh

Anime Plush - £15

Berserk - Guts
Bleach - Hitsugaya School Uniform
Bleach - Kon
Chobits - Atashi Bunny
Chobits - Yumi
Comic Party - Ikumi
Comic Party - Subaru
Dragon Quest - Slime Knight
Fruits Basket - Kyo
Fruits Basket - Kyo Cat
Fruits Basket - Shigure
Fruits Basket - Torhu
Fruits Basket - Yuki
Fruits Basket - Yuki Rat
Fushgi Yugi - Miaka
Hamtaro - Hamtaro
Hikaru no Go - Hikaru
Howl's Moving Castle - Calcifer
Inu Yasha - Sango
Naruto - Naruto
Tokyo Mew Mew - Ichigo Maid
Wolf's Rain - Kiba
Utawarerumono - Urutori

Larger Plush - £20

Fruits Basket - Kyo Cat [Large]
Fruits Basket - Shigure Dog [Large]
HunterxHunter - Gon [Large]
Nightmare Before Christmas - Jack Backpack
Shriek - Gingerbread Man

Slightly Damaged - £5

Inu Yasha - Inu Yasha [Large] - Slightly damaged sword [Sliver coming off]
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Current Music:Macross - Lion
Current Location:Colchester
Subject:The Job Search
Time:10:27 pm
Current Mood:accomplishedaccomplished
Okay (OMG lots of posting on here for me at the moment)

The job search so far, Jack had appiled for 2 jobs, I have appiled for 10 differant jobs, and from those 10, 1 has said I am not what they are looking for. 2 Jobs on the other hand have got to the interview stage.

Interview 1. Phone Interview with HSBC on Friday

To get to this interview I first had to apply for the job, then got an e-mail back saying I had pasted to the test stage where I had to do a Maths test, Reading test, Graph reading test and two personailty tests O_O and then I was offered the phone interview, so I must of past them.

Interview 2. Real Interview with Chelsea on Thursday 29th.

Okay this one is going to be fun, as they made an extra interviewing day for me O_O holy crap! But this week is now going to be fun as it now means that I will be arriving in Cheltenham on Wednesday (late), then have the interview on Thursday, then back to Colchester the same day, and then on Saturday after my shift I will (hopefully) be coming back to Cheltenham to celebrate a two firend's birthday and going back Monday. Mad Mad Week!
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Current Music:Nothing
Current Location:At Home
Subject:Job Seraching
Time:12:21 am
Current Mood:confusedconfused

Since the last post... what less then an hour ago.

I have applied for 6 jobs, and got though the second stage for one already O_O at midnight... wtf!
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Current Music:Lee Evans
Time:11:38 pm
Current Mood:draineddrained
Okay, Today was rather odd, as it was a Sunday, and I got up at 6:15am, and caught the first train out of Colchester at 6:56. All for the sake of helping firends out :D

LFCC was fun, mainly as I was working for Team Giblets for my first time. I enjoyed it, but felt bad as I tired to sell as my many shirts as I could, but it was rather tough going, and my sales person pride was rather suffering. I shall do even better at Expo! :D

Best bit was defentifly hanging with Claire and Keith, just having a natter, a laugh, trying on my silly hat. ^___^

Anyway. The Big News!

Jack and I have dicided we shall be moving back to Cheltenham, and we have started the job search. I have had enough of Colchester, and the only thing that would keep me here is my firends. I will be sad to leave at first, I know that, but we think this is the best choice for us.
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Time:08:23 pm
Current Mood:anxiousanxious
Okay, this should be a facebook post, but Bosses on Facebook

Not sure what to do, didn't get the job, letting agency are being dicks and wanting £50 extra off us for admin fees to make our lease longer, and thus is not sure wheter or not to look for work in Colchester, Cheltenham or very maybe London.

I just want a nice job, that i would enjoy with good pay and the possiblty of not having to beg for a weekend off that isn't when i have to book an entire week off to do so ><

Any idea (is aware this is a choice only I can make... but... yea.)
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Current Music:America's Got Talent
Current Location:At Home
Time:09:47 am
Current Mood:mischievousmischievous
Meme stolen from _sparkli_

15 Anime/manga men, you would like to have a memoriable night with.

Tasty 2D Men under the cutCollapse )
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Current Music:BGT
Current Location:At Home
Time:02:03 pm
Current Mood:worriedworried
Okay, Time to atcually use this thing as I have a few things to put down.


I am currently off work due to be supened because of being an utter idiot. I was putting out devilary last Sunday, and when asked by a customer for some help, I placed a £50 bracelett in my pocket to keep it safe. Which I then forgot about for a few days, then took my blazer home, to take to Chelmsford for a day of work there. I discovered it, and handed it in at the end of the day.

Next day when I got back in to Colchester, My manager took me for an interview for my side of what happened, and then after a small break, Sammy informed me of my supsion, but also told me to not to worry, and that she was fighting on my side. So I have minium of week off... full pay (one good thing) just to wait at home and here what head office dicide... fun times.

Weekend of awesome

Okay, due to my sudden Saturday off, we headed into London a little earier then we planned. We first spent some time wandering around South Kensington waiting for Jack and Rowan to turn up, as soon as we did, we quickly met up with Rowan's Sister Jo? (sorry really bad with names XD) and Josh. After a little running around South Kensington to find food we all liked and could afford and settled on a Japanese place. And as they didn't have a big enough table for 6 of us, so we had a boys table and a girls table, which was rather nice :D

It was a convetbelt suish place... which most people know are aware that I hate fish, and most veg, so I first had a creme breme... yes dessert first :D and then after stealing a bit of Jack's Chicken Teriyaki I dicided to have that, it was tatsy ^___^

After lunch, and a wander though a very expenise funuiture shop, Jo(?) left us to back home, while we went to the natural history musume, which was very very busy. Zomg Busy actaully. So we only saw a couple of exbits, but it was dicided to try and meet up every couple of months and visit musemums as a big group. Which sounds awesome... but not a bank hoilday weekend.
After the musemum, we headed back to Rowan and Jack's room to watch Eurovision. Which was hiraious, We diciced that we were all routing for Turkey, as they were amamzing, so as the voting came though, we were cheering and booing as the votes came though, And trying to add up if they could win or not, they came second to gemary, who were... meh. I do think the whole thing was made so much more funny due to the whole bottle Jacques that I drunk out of a tea cup...

We dicided to go to sleep, and then chatted for a while later, until actually going to sleep.

Expo was amazing, although it was rather werid paying for a ticket O_o Now it is bullet time!

*Seeing firends like Paul, Claire, Keith and many others
*Spent a little too much money
*Picked up the suprise conmission from Claire for Jack of Him, myself and the Torrec :D He loved it.
*Gave Claire £50, along with £50 from Alex, for more DP Conmissions XD
*Pointed out the lack of XLs ladies fit for Team Giblets ^^
*Has become a dealer again for Team Giblets :D Hooray, I love selling. Espcally at conventations.

Okay, Time to clean, add more later
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Current Location:At Home
Time:07:23 pm
Current Mood:happyhappy
We have a new family member :D

Meet our little Torrec.




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Current Music:Sash - Raindrops
Time:08:49 pm
Current Mood:excitedexcited
Can't put this on Facebook, as Mother reads mine XD

I am going to look at a kitty tomorrow night. OMG! Exciting stuff :D
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Time:06:53 pm
Anyone want a Christmas Card!
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